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Sonid is a music education app that allows you to learn music theory in a fun and orderly manner. It is different compared to other applications in the sense that it focuses you to learn about a single subject at a time expanding your understanding of how music is built up step by step. Making you ultimately a better musician.

Sonid is made for beginners and more advanced musicians that would like to broaden their musical horizon.

Free yourself musically!

From the most basic subjects in music theory to very advanced jazz harmony understanding, sonid is the way to go. Start taking classes to learn about naturals, the prime interval or a flat note. Finish your course with playing the most lush maj7#11 chord voicing or melancholic spanish phrygian scale on your instrument. You can learn it all step by step, and it’s all for free!

Read and execercise on any device!

The most complete music-learning app around.

Sonid includes a full wikipedia with information and explanations going from any basic topic like naturals or sharps and flats to covering everything you want to know about advanced topics like Cmaj7 or D lydian dominant.

Moreover, the wiki is accessible from anywhere inside the app, even while doing a lesson! If you need even more tutoring, you can check out the forum or tryout any chord and scale in our playground!

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Unlock more lessons to continue and expand your knowledge about music harmony. Complete classes and lessons and earn experience points to buy badges and compete with your friends in the online leaderboard.

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Sonid v1
Learning music theory is now fun as never before, Sonid version 1 is now in stores!
Sonid v0.4.7
The first big update of the Sonid app, learning music theory has become even easier!
Sonid is now available!
Start practicing music theory in a fun and orderly manner now with the new app for android and ios Sonid.

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