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Sonid's vision of the world.

Sonid the dolphin presents his music theory app

How was Sonid born?

At first, Sonid was born as a reaction and necessity to teach guitar students some basic music theory. While using some of the existing web-apps for practicing the need for a method that builds up knowledge in a more structured manner grew.

Sonid is derived from the spanish word "sonido", which means sound.

However, Bluebird was the name conceived first. Mainly because birds like singing. There was even some artwork, shown on the right. But due to the many other companies using this name, Sonid was chosen in the end.

The initial logo of Bluebird
Learn music theory with Sonid logo

The animal depicted in Sonid is a dolphin

Just like birds they have a passion for singing and even have their own language. Sonid the dolphin is a happy animal which lives freely in the sea and sings songs for his friends. In his spare time, he teaches you about music!

Our goal and mission

Sonid believes everyone should be able to understand how music works. It is our goal to educate musicians so that they may become more refined. We want to give them the tools to express their emotions freely in a solo or while composing a song.We are devoted to keep improving sonid, while staying true to our goal and mission.

Meet the Sonid team.

We are very proud of Sonid and look forward to continue developing it. We hope most of all it can help people understand and learn more about the wonderful world of music.

Founder of the 'Learn music theory with Sonid' app, Martijn Michel

Martijn Michel

Founder, developer & music theory expert
Breda, Netherlands • 1983
Conservatory Jazz&Pop Guitar • 2012
Founder of Sonid • 2019
"In Sonid I have found a way to combine two of my main passions in life: music and programming."
Marketeer and creative process manager of Sonid

Lida van der Eijk

Marketing & creative process manager
1992 • Schipluiden, Netherlands
2017 • Bachelor Cultural & Social Development
2020 • Joined the Sonid Team.
"Life's good, Sonid is cool. ;-)"