Information about the diminished sixth interval


This interval is called: Diminished sixth


You can use the somewhat shorter name "d6" to indicate a Diminished sixth.


How to build a diminished sixth interval?

To construct an interval correctly you must always use two steps.

  1. Count the amount of naturals used
  2. Count the steps between de two notes

At first, and with easy intervals, this may seem unnecessary, but when advancing to more dificult intervals and musical keys they will become more mandatory.

The following example is for a diminished sixth from C3. Outcome: Abb3

A Diminished sixth uses 6 naturals.
Example: C3 D3 E3 F3 G3 A3
A Diminished sixth has 7 semitones between the notes.
Example: C3 Db3 D3 Eb3 E3 F3 Gb3 G3 Ab3 A3 Bb3 B3 C4 Db4 D4 Eb4 E4 F4 Gb4 G4 Ab4 A4 Bb4 B4 C5


Tranposed for each note

You can use the following cheatsheet to check the Diminished sixth for each root note.
Cb3 ↠ Abbb3
C3 ↠ Ab3
C3 ↠ Abb3
C3 ↠ A3
C#3 ↠ Ab3
C3 ↠ A3
Db3 ↠ Bbbb3
D3 ↠ Bb3
D3 ↠ Bbb3
D3 ↠ B3
D#3 ↠ Bb3
D3 ↠ B3
Eb3 ↠ Cbb4
E3 ↠ C4
E3 ↠ Cb4
E3 ↠ C4
E#3 ↠ C4
E3 ↠ C4
Fb3 ↠ Dbbb4
F3 ↠ Db4
F3 ↠ Dbb4
F3 ↠ D4
F#3 ↠ Db4
F3 ↠ D4
Gb3 ↠ Ebbb4
G3 ↠ Eb4
G3 ↠ Ebb4
G3 ↠ E4
G#3 ↠ Eb4
G3 ↠ E4
Ab3 ↠ Fbb4
A3 ↠ F4
A3 ↠ Fb4
A3 ↠ F4
A#3 ↠ F4
A3 ↠ F4
Bb3 ↠ Gbb4
B3 ↠ G4
B3 ↠ Gb4
B3 ↠ G4
B#3 ↠ G4
B3 ↠ G4