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Ear Training Playlist - Minor Third

Lida van der Eijk
4 hours ago

Hello music lovers

We have made a new Spotify playlist for you! This time we take a closer look at the minor third interval.

Do you remember the major third interval? The minor third is its little brother. To identify this interval you should count three naturals (C-D-E), but you should listen for three semitones (C-D-Eb).

We did our best to make a great selection of songs with the minor third interval. There are some oldies, some modern songs and even songs from games like Zelda! We hope you enjoy our playlist. Do you want to know how you can identify the interval? Keep reading, because we will explain it in just a minute.


Greensleeves is a traditional song which starts with a minor third. Listen for the first two notes after the intro. If you want a clearer example, you can listen to the traditional song with lyrics. Here you hear the minor third at A-LAS and I-HAVE in the first two sentences.

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

This is a great song with a lot of minor thirds. Listen to the famous guitar riff. From the second note it jumps up, and afterward down again (E-G-E). This way, you can hear an ascending and descending minor third.

Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

Another great song with the minor third interval is Smoke on the Water. In the first two notes of the rif you hear a clear minor third. This continues throughout the song.

Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero

Do you love a bit of soft pop? Then Taylor Swift is your go-to girl. This song starts with a minor third at I Have - This thing, and you'll hear it again at Midnights - Become.

Tracy Chapman - Talkin' About A Revolution

Tracy starts with singing Don't you - Know, and this repeats a lot of times.

Alicia Keys - Fallin

Listen to Alicia as she sings: Sometimes I feel good. You'll hear descending and ascending minor third intervals.

The Beatles - A Day In The Life

Every playlist must have a Beatles song! A day In the life starts with I-Read, a minor third.

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind

This is, for me, the most beautiful Ray Charles song. The first Georgia forms a minor third. Sit back and enjoy the music.

Zelda - Song of Storms

This is a beautiful song from the game Zelda. The first to notes (D-F) form a minor third. If you listen closely, you can identify all the minor thirds. Now you can learn music theory while you're gaming.

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

The melody starts with Now-Here (A-C), which is a minor third. The dreamy melody continues this way. Can you find the other minor thirds?

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