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Major update of our website

3 years ago

Hello folks! It's time for another update from Sonid. The past weeks we've been working on expaning our website to suit our users needs.

Load time

To make your life easier, we've updated our website to load a lot faster.

Over 10000 images!

It has been a struggle to get things right, but after a lot of tweaking and many hours of coding we have generated and uploaded over 10 thousand (!) images with chords and scales in any musical key.

The library includes chords ranging from a simple major triad to very lush minor/major ninth and the most extreme dominant chords with #9 and b13s. The pages are setup to show possible scales to play on the chord you're viewing and range from major to dorian or even altered and mixolydian #11.

Images include sheet music notation, guitar chord diagrams and piano chord voicings or scales. They are accesible from the Chord Library or Scale Library pages.

Some example images of sheet music

Check out the major scale, scroll down to the bottom and select a tonic.

You will see an image like the one below.

The C major scale in music notation

The cool things is it works for any tonic! Check out F major.

The F major scale in music notation

Or even G dorian!

The G dorian scale in music notation

Example images of chord diagrams

Similarly on any chord page, such as the minor chord, you can lookup the sheet music and chord diagrams in any key.

Like a chord diagram (voicing) of D minor.

D minor guitar chord diagram 2

of which there are multiple...

D minor guitar chord diagram 1 D minor guitar chord diagram 0

Some of the piano scales and chord voicings

On scales pages you can also learn how to play it on the piano. This also works in any key!

For example: An F minor scale.

F minor piano scale

or D altered

D altered piano scale

sonid.app to the rescue!

So, are you in need of finding the right notes of a key, chord or scale? Do you want to know how to play a certain chord on the guitar? Scroll through our library and become a master on your instrument!

Have fun!

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