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Sonid can you help you to understand how music theory works on any device. It's free!

Sonid version 2.0.0 has been released!

9 months ago

We are proud to present Learn music theory with Sonid, version 2! The update includes learning solfège (ear-training), major improvements in the user interface, bug-fixes and other enhancements.

Ear training (Solfege)

Because recognizing an interval/scale/chord or even a progression is just as important as knowing what it means we have implemented ear-training questions. As an existing user, you can opt-in learning solfege on the "What's new" screen or anytime on the settings page. New users will learn solfege automatically if they do not opt-out.

Offline content

To make Sonid more useable when you do not have an internet connection we've made more parts of the app accesible offline. This includes loading up the store, achievements and tips inside the app. Please note that it does not save your progress while offline.

More settings

Restart your progress, enable/disable solfege, change email preferences and set sound or tip preferences. These are some of the things we've added to make your Sonid life more enjoyable.

Bug-fix & other

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